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We hope to show you why you should have a Sponsor.
"Make a Friend, Be a Friend and Bring a Friend to Christ"
The above statement is one of the most basic tenants of our Cursillo movement, especially when a member sponsors a new candidate.

Another is: "Talk to God about your friend, before you talk to your friend about Cursillo".

When is a holy and good candidate ready to make their journey to be closer to Jesus Christ by making their own Cursillo?  Cursillo is also sometimes called a three day experience, or a " the Cursillo retreat". Well, it is good if a candidate has some specific and some general attributes. Specifically, and most important, the candidate must be a fully practicing Catholic, and be able to fully receive the sacraments of our Church.

Ideally the spouse should also meet this criteria. These general attributes are difficult to explain in this webpage. Cursillo is for those who are committed to a relationship with Jesus Christ, and pray every day. Cursillo can strengthen that relationship in a new special way.  But, often the person making the Weekend needs some direction to strengthen and help them in their Christian Action. This is the role of their sponsor: teaching them the ongoing structure of the Cursillo Movement, after their weekend, which is a great help to the new person. There are separate Men's and  Women's weekends scheduled.


The right time for you as a catholic candidate to make a weekend is difficult to determine.  So, this leads to our time tested rule of having an active sponsor for each new candidate.  Another of our time tested preferences is to have the husband  make the  weekend first,  and then sponsor his wife. A great, great joy comes from being a sponsor of your spouse.

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