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Please keep the following in your prayers for various corporal, spiritual and life issue needs:

All Cursillistas who are ill or suffering.



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Violet Lochocki

    - ECMC Palliative Unit

Arthur Ruhland

    - Heart Ailment

Bob Yager

    - Chronic illness

Cole Coons (and Karen Trimper and family)

    - Motorcycle Accident

Mike Matyas

    - Surgery and diagnosis 

       (pancreatic cancer)

Teresa Barone

    - Prayers needed

Cathy Derrick

    - Chronic Illness

Mary Mercurio

    - Chronic Illness

Fr. Joe Badding

    - Chronic Illness

Pam Hornung

    - Depression

Jean Claire Buchbinder

    - 02/18/2022

    - Prayers needed

Chelsea Ellis

Laura, Betty and Angelo Ciavarella

Marie Gannon

Mike Ryan

Timothy McCann

Joan Roberts         

Mary Flanagan

Bill Heidle

Corinne Giermek

Dcn Joe Barr

Patrick Johnson

Kathleen Montesanti

Jim Youngers           

Cathy Agugliaro



Tim Heidle                      

Kathy O'Keefe                           

Denise Bressette 

Lynn Johnson                   

Diane Coughlin

Deacon Dan McGuire                

Gary Banas

John Agugliaro                   

Marcia Moretti

Cheryl Besant                   

Bobby Lovenetti

Vinnie Barone

Linda Orszulak                            

Ellie Wieleba