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Is Cursillo part of the Catholic Church?

Yes. Cursillo, similar to Mission, Marriage Encounter, Charismatic Renewal, Christian Family Movement and other renewal programs; all are part of the Roman Catholic Church and the Diocese of Buffalo. Our Bishop has made a Cursillo. Mission was developed by Cursillo as a mini retreat for parishes. Making a Mission can often lead to making a Cursillo Weekend.

What happens after a Cursillo weekend?
Your weekend only lasts three days, but you are invited to build on it for the rest of your life. This is a very important and key element of our Cursillo Movement. Cursillo expands your spiritual lives through prayer, study, and action, so it enables you to become a more active disciple of Christ. Throughout our Diocese, we have monthly Ultreyas, which are friendly prayer groups, where we meet, pray, share our faith, and often have a witness talk of How Christ is in our life. This spiritual follow up keeps our members spiritually stronger, and this follow up, special to Cursillo; is a need of ALL of us. This is one of the Cursillos greatest assets. It is often said that "we" never expected praying and being in a Catholic Community could be so much fun.

There is no formal organization of Cursillo.  Activities for each Diocese are planned by a Lay Director,by an ordained Spiritual Director, and a group of Lay Leaders. Those who attend Cursillo weekends are encouraged to return to their families, parishes, places of work, and other groups to which they belong; and through their example;  make Christ more present.

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