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What is Ultreya?  It is a regular gathering of Cursillestas, men and women who have made a Cursillo weekend. Some Ultreya's are held in churches or parish centers or in Cursillestas homes.  

In our Cursillo weekend we learned the value of having a close relationship with God. That’s our Piety. 

We learned the necessity of knowing what God taught. That’s our study.

We need to know what Jesus taught us so we can do what is pleasing to Him by bring others close to Christ. That’s our Action


So group reunion at Ultreya is a gathering of Cursillestas to grow our skills in piety, study and action by sharing with one another.  Group Reunion is the place, and the means where the practical truth of our Catholic and Apostolic Christianity is shaped and made concrete.  It binds it together in each of us.


Every one is welcome from anywhere. You can bring a friend who hasn’t made a weekend.


Spiritual Growth is perfected by sharing and planning in small groups.  Sharing and planning; You learn from me – I learn from you and together we help each other grow in Christ. Great friendships are often forged.

There are three basic steps in sharing our Christian lives;

The first is to share our life of Piety. We share how we have nourished our living union with Christ. How we are communicating with God.

Secondly, we share our life of Study.. We direct our sharing to how we have come to know Christ better, and how that knowledge has helped us to develop a more Christian mentality.

And finally, we share our life of Action - how we have attempted to live out our vocation to be authentic apostles, leaders in our environments.


We share these three (piety, study and action) so that our friends will learn from our experience and we will learn from theirs.

School of Leaders

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What is the School of Leaders?  It is a monthly gathering of Christian Leaders to learn about our Cursillo movement in greater depth.  


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