Buffalo Cursillo

January 2018 Newsletter


Lay Director’s Report:


In the Catholic liturgical year, the Christmas season lasts until the feast of the baptism of Jesus on January 8th.  So, even though it’s January, we can continue to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  Sometimes we are not able to have a “Merry” Christmas because of the hardships in our lives; physical or mental illness, work or financial troubles, family problems, loss of loved ones, etc.  But, we can still choose to have the joy of the new born savior in our hearts.


I submitted details of our 2nd touch weekend and school of leaders to WLOF 101.7 Catholic radio station at https://www.thestationofthecross.com/  under the “Events” tab.  I’m hopeful that they announce our Cursillo events on the radio “Community Calendar”, and list them in their online calendar.  While our evangelization method will always be to personally make a friend and be a friend, a little name recognition in the diocese can only help our efforts.

We scheduled a strategy planning meeting for the Secretariat at the end of January.  Any ideas and recommendations to improve and grow our movement are always welcomed. Email or call at any time.

Looking to form or join a permanent group or add members to your existing group? 

Email me at BuffaloCursillo@gmail.com.


To find an Ultreya to attend, go to https://www.buffalocursillo.com/  and click on the Ultreya tab.


Continue to bring that joy & love of the baby Jesus to everyone God puts in your one square meter.



Jerry Casillo

Call/Text 716 803-9952




Spiritual Director’s Reflection:



While Christmas shopping, I picked up a snow-globe with a Nativity scene in it; I hadn’t seen one in years. 


Like a child, I shook it and marveled at how holy and serene it appeared - and I thought to myself, if only it could tell me the whole story. 


Luke’s Gospel cracks open the snow globe and lets Mary out to stand flesh and blood, life-size, right before us and invites us to witness the miracles surrounding Jesus’ birth; her raising him, her pain and suffering. 


And most importantly, she shows us how we are to live and follow Jesus.


Luke portrays Mary in a startling role: one that should shake up our way of thinking about her.  All throughout his Gospel, Luke repeatedly invites us to stop observing Mary and to start imitating her.


Through the Annunciation event, Mary teaches a powerful life-lesson to us, her children.  She gives us a model for how we should approach all the events of our life.  Her model consists of the exact words that Gabriel and Mary exchanged; three key phrases for us to remember and always live by when we are challenged:

Do not be afraid.

How can this be?

May it be done to me according to Your Word.

  1. Gabriel tells Mary not to be afraid as he sees her greatly troubled after he greeted her by acknowledging her holiness. 


We never need to be afraid of anything that life throws at us when we walk with our God – because God is our loving and protective Father; always at our side and in our hearts as He works all things for our good.

   2. Mary’s initial reaction to God’s message was “how can this be?” Here, the Annunciation event unequivocally teaches us that nothing will be impossible with God. 


Therefore, we should never allow the chaos, confusion and/or the uncertainty of life to worry us – when faced with any challenge we can confidently bring it to prayer and allow God to do His work and guide us through.

   3. And, like Mary, we need to always be open and willing to sincerely say – “May it be done to me according to Your word”. 


In these words, Mary shows us how to fully trust in the will of God; and that we can place our complete confidence in His love and care for us.

Do not be afraid.

How can this be?

May it be done to me according to Your Word!

Here, Our Blessed Mother Mary provides her children with the best model for our own response to Him for all the events of our lives!

May the year 2018 bring you closer and closer to Jesus through Mary thereby bringing you His peace! 

Happy New Year to you and your families!

Deacon Greg Moran
Spiritual Advisor–Diocese of Buffalo

Cursillo Movement
6056 Thornwood Dr.  Hamburg NY 14075
Call/Text 716-863-3163




Pre Cursillo Report:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ -

WEEKENDS are scheduled for the Spring - April 19 - 22 for the Men's and May 17-20 for the Women's weekend. 

Marge and I will be sending out letters in early January to the men and women who were not able to attend the last weekend with the dates of the spring weekends. We will also reach out to the sponsors of those candidates.

When you think about it; the Men’s weekend is ONLY 4 months away. Is God bringing anyone to mind that you should sponsor?

We will pray for you as you discern who God is calling you to invite and we ask for your prayers as we prepare for the weekend.

God bless and Happy New Year.

Diane-380-0187 and Marge-698-5828




Cursillo Section


Bob Piskun,

Cursillo Section Leader





Post Cursillo:


Jan 12th – Full of Grace Ultreya

7:30 pm, Annunciation Church,

7580 Clinton Street, Elma



It's that time again to mark your calendars for the annual Second Touch (more than a retreat) weekend for all Cursillistas.

The Date is January 26th to January 28th at Stella Niagara Center of Renewal,

Lewiston NY.

All Cursillistas are invited to attend. This weekend is a very special time for all of us, a time for prayer and community building, for sharing, making new friends and reconnecting with old friends. These weekends help us to continue our understanding of Cursillo.


Each year we have a special theme. This year the Theme is. ESSENCE - The Essence of Cursillo and the Essence of being a Christian. It is explained through TRUTH and LIFE. The Truth being the word of God. The LIFE being the living of the TRUTH.

For additional details go to the website at BuffaloCursillo.com under the events tab.


To sign up call Carol Palesh 716-694-0942 grannypalesh@verizon.net.


Ultreya Schedule

Thursday January 4, 2018

The Spirit of the City @ 6:00 pm

The St. Jude Center in Downtown,

760 Ellicott Street, Buffalo


Bethany  @ 7:00pm

St. Martha's Parish

10 French Rd, Depew, NY 14043


Rainbow Vineyard @ 7:30pm

Our Lady Czestochowa Church,

64 Center Ave, North Tonawanda 14120


South towns @ 7:30pm

Bob & Linda Piskun

35 Bernadette  West Seneca




Wednesday January 10, 2018

Pueblo de Paz:  Warsaw area after 7:00pm Mass

St.  Mary's Church

6785 East Arcade Rd., East Arcade


Tuesday January 16, 2018

Come to the Well @ 7:00 pm

contact Jack Thomann for location

jackt@tapc.net or 583-2320


Thursday January 18, 2018

The Spirit of the City @ 6:00 pm

The St. Jude Center in Downtown,

760 Ellicott Street, Buffalo


Bethany @ 7:00pm

St. Martha's Parish

10 French Rd, Depew, NY 14043


Rainbow Vineyard @ 7:30pm

Our Lady Czestochowa Church,

64 Center Ave, North Tonawanda 14120


South towns @ 7:30pm

Carl and Elaine Stack's

6490-37 Taylor Rd. Hamburg NY 14075



Sunday January 28, 2018

 Pueblo de Paz:  Warsaw area @ 7:00pm St. Michael's Church Hall

171 North Main Street, Warsaw, NY


Tuesday January 30, 2018

Full of Grace @ 7:30 pm

Annunciation Church, Selbert Hall

Clinton Street, Elma


Thursday February 1, 2018

The Spirit of the City @ 6:00 pm

The St. Jude Center in Downtown,

760 Ellicott Street, Buffalo


Bethany  @ 7:00pm

St. Martha's Parish

10 French Rd, Depew, NY 14043


Rainbow Vineyard @ 7:30pm

Our Lady Czestochowa Church,

64 Center Ave, North Tonawanda 14120


South towns @ 7:30pm

location to be determined



Curtis Boyle 430-1963

Maria Boyle 785-3275

3936 Jefferson Ave

Hamburg NY 14075




Mike Cucinotta 310-2861

Mary Beth Cucinotta 573-8205

4077 Thornwood Lane

Williamsville NY 14221





School of Leaders: 

Monday January 15@ St. Vincent de Paul Church, Springbrook, 6:30 pm

This month’s school of leaders will feature a presentation by Deacon Don Weigel.  Don will be speaking about Catholic Social Teaching.

This talk by Don is absolutely essential for anyone who takes these words to heart: “As you have done to the least of my brethren, you have done unto me.”  Since this month’s School of Leaders talk coincides with Martin Luther King Day, there is all the more reason to come.  It is a day to remember all of our sisters and brothers, no matter what their condition in this life.

Remember we are all leaders, and the school of leaders is for everyone.

Deacon Don has provided us with a short introduction to his talk:

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) has often been described as our “best kept secret.” However, the Catholic Church has a long, rich tradition of teaching on social issues that range from the rights of workers to care for the environment. This presentation will discuss the foundations of CST, its themes and teachings, and the implications for our daily lives.

Come and bring a friend.  

Bill Gross




Cursillo Name Tags or Shirts

Contact Mike Szematowicz; 812 0633 szematm@gmail.com

List shirt size, color preference, weekend #.  Mike will provide price and address where to send the check.



Prayer Request:

Please keep the following people in your prayers and Palanca:


Donna Foster             Mary Flanagan

Linda Piskin's daughter Jennifer

Scott Crowe                Rosebud Casillo

Jeannette Shields        Joe Insana

Jennifer Ross - Auto accident

Sylvia Dains – surgery            Mark Roland

Toni Sessamen            Mary Flanagan

Jan  Nosbisch and friend Bev

Maria Boyle                Andrea Duguay

Corinne Giermek        Leo Reiter

Dcn. Mike Quinn        the Quinn children

Ron Lomanto              Denise Daniels
Lorrie Rackozynski,    Liz Pauley