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May 2018 Newsletter
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Lay Director’s Report:
Men’s weekend #218 took place April 19-22. As usual it was a glorious time spent with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and a wonderful Cursillo community.
Attention Sponsors: please review the “Sponsors Responsibilities” at the end of this newsletter. Especially section C. AFTER CURSILLO. Follow up by bringing your candidate to Ultreya and help him find a permanent group.
I want to offer a heartfelt thank you to all the Cursillistas in our community who participated; the Weekend Team, Palanca, Kitchen, Liturgy, Sponsors, and all who attended the Support mass, Thursday night meet and greet, Saturday Serenade and mass, Las Mananitas and Sunday Closing mass.
Now it is time to get those last-minute applications in for our spring women’s weekend #220 May 17-20. Applications can be downloaded from the Home page of http://www.BuffaloCursillo.com See “Sponsors Responsibilities” at the end of this newsletter, especially section A. BEFORE CURSILLO. Most important is to pray for the candidates, Rector Carolyn McMamara and all of the Cursillista workers listed above who make it happen.
Exciting changes are coming to the school of leaders. They will be held quarterly instead of monthly. We are moving the day from Monday evenings to a weekend morning or early afternoon and will be held at different locations throughout the diocese. No more driving at night! The format is being changed to more resemble a workshop. Each gathering will have a general theme and then three related presentations by several presenters. Lunch will be provided. We’re now in the process of setting the schedule and formulating the details. So, stay tuned!
On a sad/happy note; Norm Paolini weekend #133, cofounder of St Luke’s Mission of Mercy, entered his 5th day. Pray for him and his family and may his soul, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
Jerry Casillo
Lay Director Buffalo Diocese
Call/Text: 716 803-9952
Email: miride@aol.com
Spiritual Director’s Reflection:
"We are an Easter people."
We have all heard that statement before, I’m sure.
But this year, it struck me much differently than in the past. Instead of being a seasonally descriptive cliché about who we are during the current Easter celebration, this year it took on the persistence and strength of a proclamation of faith meant to guide our today, tomorrow and forever.
We are an Easter people – it doesn’t end after Pentecost. (We don’t become Ordinary).