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April 2018 Newsletter


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Lay Director’s Report:

He is risen! Alleluia. I wish you a blessed Easter season.


Men’s weekend # 218 April 19-22 is shaping up nicely. Rector Carl Stack and the whole team (pre-Cursillo, Palanca, kitchen, liturgy, sponsors etc.) are all making their final preparations and are ready to go!  Please send in those last-minute applications ASAP.  And, don’t forget to recruit candidates for the women’s weekend # 220 beginning May 17.


We continue to expand and update the BuffaloCursillo.com website. This month we added a new calendar of events and a link on the home page to the lyrics to De Colores. Check it out.


Marge Fetterman gave an inspirational talk at the gentle women mother of mercy chapter Buffalo Magnificat breakfast on March 17. https://www.facebook.com/magnificatbuffaloWe set up a Cursillo table there and also at the Catholic men’s conference. Several people at both events expressed an interest in learning more about Cursillo. Pray for them.


Deacon Marc Leaderstorf gave a wonderful talk on “Action” at the last school of leaders. Deacon Mike Dulak is next on April 16, to tell us about pro-life “Project Rachel”. Make plans to attend. 


The last reunion mass was held at Sts. Peter and Paul in Williamsville.  It was a great turn out and Carol Stier gave a moving witness.  The next mass will be the men’s support mass at 3pm on Sunday April 15at St. Vincent de Paul.  Everyone is welcome. Please come to support the team and candidates.


The reunion mass with Bishop Malone at St Joseph’s Cathedral has been rescheduled for Friday September 14.


The upcoming Region 3 spring meeting will be held St Ann’s in Edinsburg PA on May 4th and 5th.  Contact me if you are interested in attending or driving down together. 


Sadly, in the last 4 weeks we had the passing of four long standing Cursillistas; Charley McCarthy, Ron Lomanto, Sheila Steiner & MaryAnn Pollock. Keep them and their families in your prayers.


Let me know asap when a Cursillista enters their 5th day. I will put the obituary on the website so as many as possible can attend the services.



Jerry Casillo

Lay Director Buffalo Diocese

Call/Text: 716 803-9952

Email: miride@aol.com



Spiritual Director’s Reflection:

The Easter Vigil Gospel - Mark 16: 1-7

“He is Risen, just as He said.”

The Easter Vigil Mass is one of my favorite liturgies of the year.


Here’s a few insights for us to mull over throughout this Easter season that may help us to carry what Lent and Easter taught us this year:

If you have never failed God, then these reflections are not for you.

But if, like me, you’ve ever:

• Promised God something, but came up


• Resolved to overcome sin, only to fall

once again,

• Or, if you are plagued with guilt over sins

   that have defeated you…


Then what Mark’s Gospel celebrates and offers to both you and I is genuine love, mercy, joy and hope directly from God our Father.


In Mark’s account of Jesus’ resurrection, he provides two short, subtle but extremely profound words of love and hope to all of us who have repeatedly failed God – they are - “…and Peter”.

The angel at the empty tomb tells the women, “But go, tell His disciples, and Peter, …”


Isn’t it curious - Why did the angel add, “and Peter”?


I sense that perhaps Christ, Himself, told the angel to specifically include those two words as a direct message to Peter.

•  Peter, who had deliberately and repeatedly 

      denied Jesus…

•  Peter, who had boasted of his allegiance 

   to Jesus but who had failed Him!


“And Peter”— How those two words must have rung loudly in Peter’s ears when he first heard them from the women who reported to the disciples the news of Jesus’ resurrection.


Can you imagine - Peter must have been in the deepest gloom of depression – and when Mary Magdalene repeated the angel’s message, including the words, “and Peter,” he must have instantly been so relieved and overjoyed that Jesus did not turn away from him.

Scholars affirm that Mark’s Gospel was written largely under Peter’s influence so I’m sure Peter would have never forgotten the exact words of that moment.  How easily we can skip over these two words or take them for granted – but what do they say to us this Easter?


They deliver the message that Jesus Christ, the Risen Savior offers love, mercy and hope to all of us who have failed God.


Those two words, “and Peter”, prove that through our repentance and contrite heart, our failure will not separate us from God’s love, friendship and plan.


I can confidently say that because . . .

Peter’s denials were as bad as any failure…after all:

• Here’s a man who spent three years

  almost  constantly in the presence of Jesus

  and His teachings.

• He had seen Jesus perform miracles.

• Peter had been in the very room when

  Jairus’ daughter was raised from the dead.

• He was in the inner circle of the twelve.

• Peter saw, with his own eyes, Jesus

  glorified on the Mount of Transfiguration.


Now, Peter has to live knowing that the last words Jesus heard him speak were words of denial.  Can you imagine living with that memory? Peter must have spent a very dark and painful Saturday.


So, by the angel including “and Peter”, God shows that there is forgiveness and hope for us all even after our worst moments of failure!

Those two words, “and Peter,” demonstrate to us that through our repentance and contrition:

• There is no failure that can separate us

  from God’s love.

• That Christ’s love is far greater than

   Peter’s failure.

• That God’s love is always greater than our



Like with Peter, He will use them to teach us, if we let Him.


God has taken those who have failed the worst and made them into trophies of grace for all to see.  Wasn’t it Peter who preached on the Day of Pentecost when over 3,000 were saved and the church was founded?


What Peter learned from his failure was not wasted but put to work in God’s plan to teach others and to bring them the Good News of Salvation.


What we learn from Peter’s experience is that the Risen Christ offers us mercy, love, joy and hope and that God will use even our failures to teach us so that we grow in love and obedience to Him – so that we may bring others to Him.

If we, like Peter, are willing to learn from our failures, then we will rise with Christ!


A Blessed Easter Season to All!


Deacon Greg Moran
Spiritual Advisor–Diocese of Buffalo

Cursillo Movement
6056 Thornwood Dr.  Hamburg NY 14075
Call/Text: 716-863-3163

Email: deacongregmoran@gmail.com



Pre-Cursillo Report:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ -


Men’s Weekend #218 is just weeks away! I have spoken to some of the candidates and they are so excited to have this opportunity. Their excitement is contagious!


We are looking forward to meeting them on Thursday, April 19. We look forward to seeing you at the Holy Hour and Closing Mass. 


Keep your prayers and Palanca going – for your candidate, the Team and the Cursillo movement.


The Women’s Weekend is still about 8 weeks away, so please keep talking to your friends and send in applications. Download an Application: Buffalo Cursillo Application


God’s blessing be upon you during this Easter season.


Diane-380-0187 and Marge-698-5828

Email: bfloprecursillo@gmail.com



Cursillo Section

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ!!!!!!


We are on the verge of another Cursillo Weekend. Men’s Cursillo Weekend 218. Our Men’s Team has been filled with some Fantastic Brothers and we can’t thank them enough for saying yes. Many of them are reteaming for the second time. May God bless them all for all they do, bringing these Candidates closer to Jesus.


I would ask you to come and help on Wednesday, April 18th with the set up. Doors open at 5:30pm.


Our Kitchen Coordinator is getting her shopping list in order for the weekend. I was asked to put a word out to all the Ultreya’s about helping out with a meal. It would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!! Please help us out with serving a meal. The feeling you get from serving is really a close moment to God.


Lisa Gauthier, our Palanca Team Coordinator has been dialing her fingers to the bone looking for help. We need help from our community to work behind the scenes. Don’t worry if you have never worked a Palanca Team before. It’s the most fun and laughs you will ever have on a weekend. The people on the Palanca Team will show you first hand in what to do. You will never be alone to do something. We all help one another!!!!!


On Monday March 5th at St Vincent’s we gathered together as a Community to BRAINSTORM ideas on how to make our Cursillo run better. Bring more Candidates to Christ, expanding the pool to select teams, Sponsor’s Responsibilities to the Candidates, Getting Candidates in Permanent Groups. There were many more ideas brought up.


I give Deacon Greg Moran credit in bringing this idea of “PINS” to light. How it worked was very simple. We broke off into table groups of five or six; each table got a posted note pad and pen. We each wrote down our ideas or problems of Cursillo and then pinned them to the white board up front. Then they were put into four categories. From there we discussed solutions and ideas for The Cursillo.


I must tip my hat to those who showed up at this meeting. Their heart is all in on helping our Cursillo Movement to grow in bringing more people to Christ.


Last but not least, PLEASE put your evangelization to work in bringing Candidates to the Cursillo. Give them a chance to meet Jesus just like you did.


My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, PEACE be with you and your families!!!!!!!


Bob Piskun

Section Team Coordinator

Call/Text: 716-982-8025

Email: custodianbob@roadrunner.com



Post Cursillo:

Looking to form a permanent group or add members to your existing group? 

Email Jerry at BuffaloCursillo@gmail.com.


Ultreya Schedule for March

1st Wednesday April 4, 2018

​The Spirit of the City @ 6:00 pm  The St. Jude Center in Downtown, 760 Ellicott Street, Buffalo



1st Thursday April 5, 2018

​Bethany  @ 7:00pm    St. Martha's Parish, 10 French Rd, Depew, NY 14043

Rainbow Vineyard @ 7:30pm  Our Lady Czestochowa Church, 64 Center Ave, North Tonawanda 14120

South towns @ 7:30pm  location TBD

2nd Wednesday April 11, 2018

​Pueblo de Paz:  Warsaw area after 7:00pm Mass St.  Mary's Church, 6785 East Arcade Rd., East Arcade

​3rd Thursday April 19, 2018 

Cancelled due to Men's weekend

​Bethany  @ 7:00pm   St. Martha's Parish, 10 French Rd, Depew, NY 14043

Rainbow Vineyard @ 7:30pm    Our Lady Czestochowa Church, 64 Center Ave, North Tonawanda 14120

South towns @ 7:30pm  Location TBD,  Witness: Bill Gross

3rd Tuesday April 17, 2018

​Come to the Well @ 7:00 pm   Jack & Chris Thomann, 4290 Fireside Dr. Buffalo, witness: Marty Ruhland

3rd Wednesday April 18, 2018

The Spirit of the City @ 6:00 pm The St. Jude Center in Downtown, 760 Ellicott Street, Buffalo

Last Tuesday April 24, 2018

​Full of Grace @ 7:30 pm   Annunciation Church, Selbert Hall, 7580 Clinton Street, Elma

Last Sunday April 29, 2018

​Pueblo de Paz:  Warsaw area @ 7:00pm St.St. Michael's Church Hall, 171 North Main Street, Warsaw, NY

Contact Info:

Curtis Boyle 725-5416

Maria Boyle 785-3275

3936 Jefferson Ave

Hamburg NY 14075

Email: mhens77@gmail.com

Email: curtisbo@buffalo.edu


Mike Cucinotta 310-2861

Mary Beth Cucinotta 573-8205

4077 Thornwood Lane

Williamsville NY 14221

Email: Mcucinotta@roadrunner.com

Email: Mbcucinotta@roadrunner.com



School of Leaders: 

Monday April 16th @ St Vincent’s Church, Elma.   6:30 pm.

This month the school of leaders will present Deacon Mike Dulak talking about his action with the Rachel Project.

Many in our culture consider abortion to be "a quick fix" to an unplanned pregnancy.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Abortion has far reaching consequences that can be physical, emotional, and spiritual, not just for the post-abortive mother, but others as well.  The Project Rachel ministry of the Catholic Church extends the mercy of Jesus, hope and healing to those who have made the abortion decision.

Come and bring a friend.

Bill Gross

Email: wfgross45@gmail.com




The Book of Proverbs is filled with precious little gems of wisdom.   Every day I read a chapter and at least one or two of them jump off the page and into my hearts pocket. 

Peace be with you

Marty Ruhland


Email: rdservices@roadrunner.com



Prayer Request:

Please keep the following people in your prayers and Palanca:


The team and candidates of Men’s weekend 218 and Women’s 220.


Carol Mazurkiewicz, Elaine Stack, Rakoczynski's friends Cheryl and Bob

Kate Emery's dad, Scott Crowe, Bob and Cheryl Besant, Audrey DiMaria,

 Toni Sessamen, Ellie Wieleba, Lou and Liz Pauley, Lorrie Dickerson, Diana Sotarczak's friend Carol, Doug Shrout, Rosebud Casillo, Dan  Graesser, Mike Quinn, Mary Flanagan, Joe Insana, Donna Foster, Corinne Giermek, Leo Reiter, Quinn children, Denise Daniels, Marcia Moretti, Lorrie Rackozynski, baby Finleigh, Joan Conklin's friend Joyce, Vinnie Barone, Mark Schweizer’s dad, Marie Sorrentino, Ilona Klein’s friend Bella, Mary Lynn Heidle's daughter in law: Jeannette Shields, Mary Dewald’s nephew’s daughter Amelia and friend Kent


All Cursillistas who are ill or suffering.


Cursillo Name Tags or Shirts

Contact Mike Szematowicz;

Call/Text: 812 0633

Email: szematm@gmail.com

List shirt size, color preference, weekend #.  Mike will provide price and address where to send the check.